How Will You Reflect On Your Day?

Written By: Kevin Watson

22nd June 2020

Coaching has been credited for helping people see the benefit of finding time to reflect on their experiences at the end of each day.

Whether that be on the journey home or as part of their end of day routine, even the most active leaders are finding great benefit in hitting the pause button.

How do you reflect on your day?

Did it really matter?

What did you achieve?

Did you make the difference you had intended to make?

Reflecting on your day’s experience is super important and will help you accomplish more of what you want. It will also give you a subconscious nudge towards improving your performance

So, why not take time out at the end of each day to reflect on what happened, how you responded and what you have learned.

Ask yourself:

  • WHAT: what happened?
  • SO WHAT: what did you learn from your experience and how you responded to it?
  • NOW WHAT: taken from your insights, what will you adapt and change?

Make a note of your answers, share them with others and find ways of noticing the difference it makes for you.

The most important step?

It’s WHAT NOW…as the other two on their own won’t lead to change!

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