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Founded in 2003 by Kevin Watson, My Own Coach provides programmes, workshops and resources to people who want to make a positive change or need some help in facing tough challenges.

Whether working face to face, virtually or through our digital offer, we will provide the right balance of support and challenge, encouraging you to be the best you can be.

If you feel like you want more for yourself, you’re facing some big challenges, or simply feel a bit stuck, then we can help you.

Take a good look at the resources we offer on the site and if you want to chat then book an initial, no-obligation discovery call by hitting the button below.

“He’s an inspirational guy and a real pleasure to work with, deploying a highly effective approach to helping people make positive and productive decisions. In my case, this led to some bold and interesting career moves!”
Andy Rock

Head of Broadcasting, PPL

“I found the coaching programme incredibly helpful and enlightening, and really enjoyed working with you. Thank YOU so much for being so insightful and understanding.”

Maria Muller

Deputy Director, Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts

He is a really good listener, but stretched me and challenged my thinking. I would certainly recommend him for coaching and mentoring sessions.

Karen (Eaden) Booker

Senior Vice President Global Buying and International Franchise, Claire's

We regularly publish articles to help you coach yourself. Full of tips, tools and exercises to help you reach your potential.

Over time, these provide you with a handy reference library for you to draw upon, just when you need it.

Search for a topic that interests you or simply dive straight in and read our latest posts.

How Will You Reflect On Your Day?

How Will You Reflect On Your Day?

Coaching has been credited for helping people see the benefit of finding time to reflect on their experiences at the end of each day. Whether that be on the journey home or as part of their end of...

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What Are You Doing About Your Blind Spot?

What Are You Doing About Your Blind Spot?

We all have some aspects of our personality and ways of communicating that we just can't see - they are in our blind spot.  You may have heard of the Johari Window, a simple and useful tool for...

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Creating a Blueprint for Your Next Move

Creating a Blueprint for Your Next Move

Most of us can work effectively toward our career goals – if only we know what they are! The key is to focus on what you want from your career and not what you don’t want. To help you do this, I've...

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