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Hi, I’m Kevin Watson

I started My Own Coach in 2003, for people who want to help themselves but don’t always have access to a coach.

I know that feeling, when you’re looking for a change but you don’t know where to begin. You’re scared of making mistakes. You feel guilty about investing the time or money in something like this.

I want you to achieve your goals. That’s why I’m providing the resources you need when you need them most — whether that’s our free guides and tools or on-demand coaching packages.

If you feel like you want more for yourself, you’re facing some big challenges, or simply feel a bit stuck, then you’re in the right place.

Take a good look at what we have on offer or get started today and book your initial discovery call by clicking below!

Kevin Watson

What People Are Saying …

Andy Rock

“He’s an inspirational guy and a real pleasure to work with, deploying a highly effective approach to helping people make positive and productive decisions. In my case, this led to some bold and interesting career moves!”

Andy Rock

Head of Broadcasting, PPL
Mark Carson

“For me, turning ‘potential’ into practiced and proven ability was an internal/emotional challenge larger and more complex than the everyday practicalities associated with the job. Kevin supported me in every area of this through the natural gift he possesses to ‘get it’.”

Mark Carson

Area Manager, Primark

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