How Reducing Distractions Can Build Stronger Relationships

Reducing distractions with people will build stronger relationships because you will have time to devote to each other in more effective and productive ways. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a working relationship or a personal relationship.

Being with folks without interruptions for a period of quality time together will make a dramatic difference in your relationships.

Enjoy Improved Communication

Taking time to talk to people without looking at screens or doing other activities simultaneously is the most conducive to real conversation. You’ll learn each other’s communication styles better and start understanding each other more. Knowing what the other person means when they talk to you helps all aspects of the relationship.

Have More Fun

Face it. It’s a lot more fun to be with people when you’re not having to answer your phone or look at screens. Knowing that the few times you get together will be exclusive and reducing distractions makes it that much more exciting.

Build Positive Memories

When you think back to your entire life, you’re not going to give one thought to wanting more time with screens or even small worries and concerns. Instead, you’ll be focused on the memories you’ve built with those closest to you. You can’t make memories if you aren’t focused on the event or person.

Discover More Shared Interests

The more you communicate with people by reducing distractions, the more you learn who they are. The more you know who someone is, the more you may discover things you both like together that will give you even more stuff to do without distractions. When you have more shared, interest relationship satisfaction improves.

Boost Mutual Passion

Whether it’s a work project partner or a love interest, the more you know someone, the more you’ll feel passion for them or the work. Also, the more you’ll look forward to doing that stuff together because it is so stress-free.

Foster a Sense of Commitment

Human nature is that when we feel connected to our community and environment, we are a lot more devoted to them even if we don’t want to do the activity in question.

Feel Substantially Happier

Studies show that couples and families who spend more quality time together by reducing distractions, report being much happier and have longer-lasting relationships than those who don’t.

Reduce Stress Exponentially

Distraction causes stress, and stress causes so many other problems – even physical illness. If you really want to reduce your stress level, consider developing a lifestyle that allows you to focus exclusively on each activity you’re in as you’re in it.

If you want to improve any relationship you have, try spending quality time with them without distractions. If it’s at work, find a place to talk without electronics.

If it’s a work meeting, ask everyone to turn off distractions and tell the front to avoid interruptions for non-emergencies. If it’s your family and friends, make a concerted effort to spend this time together without an agenda and distractions, you’ll be so happy you did.

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