GEO: 4 Questions To Achieve More

4 Simple Questions To Help You Achieve More

Written By: Kevin Watson

12th February 2015

Have you ever wondered how you can be really good at one thing, and really suck at another?

What if you could find a way to be really good at both?

Well, you can!

With the help of this neat little exercise called GEO (Goal | Evidence | Operation), you can start to understand how you achieve consistently high results in one area whilst you seem to struggle to make headway in another.

Let me show you how.

Firstly, recall an effective context, something that you consistently achieve in.

Next, write down your answers to these four questions:

  1. What are your goals in this context? (the GOAL)
  2. How do you know when you have achieved these goals? (your EVIDENCE)
  3. What do you do in order to reach these goals? (the OPERATION)
  4. What do you do if you are not reaching these goals? (the OPERATION)

Be specific, answering each question fully before going onto the next.

Next, consider an ineffective context, something you find challenging or do not achieve too highly.

Repeat the four questions, again being specific and answering each one fully.

Now, compare the two sets of answers. Notice what is similar and what is different about each one.

Call to Action

Ask yourself, what would it be like if you…

  • …set goals in the same way, in each context?
  • …knew when you had achieved the goals, the same way in each context?
  • …took the same or similar steps to achieve them?
  • …took the same or similar steps if you weren’t achieving them?

Have fun with this exercise, and let me know how you get on.

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