Kevin Watson

1st September 2016

Unlock Your Potential: An Insightful Journey into Influencing with Purpose

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We cannot NOT influence those around us! So, the real skill is in becoming a ‘conscious influencer‘. Notice how you influence and do it with purpose.
influencing with purpose

Influencing with purpose is more than just a communication strategy – it is a holistic approach to conveying ideas, initiating changes, and inspiring others.

Given that we continually influence and are influenced by people, places, events, and situations around us, it’s crucial to consider the modifications in our behaviour and attitudes that can make this influential process more effective and purposeful.

Think twice before you speak, because your words and influence will plant the seed of either success or failure in the mind of another.Napoleon Hill

Understanding the Power of Influence

We are all inherent influencers, whether conscious or unconscious. Our words, our actions, and even our silence can drive changes in others’ perceptions, attitudes, or actions.

The key here is to be a conscious influencer, utilising influence in a mindful, purposeful way – one that encourages growth, success, and positivity in others’ lives. As the renowned author Napoleon Hill once said, “Think twice before you speak, because your words and influence will plant the seed of either success or failure in the mind of another.

The Art of Influencing with Purpose

Influencing with purpose is a nuanced craft, requiring a fine blend of communication, interpersonal, presentation, and assertiveness skills. It’s about moving things forward without coercion, empathetically conforming to the unique situations and personalities encompassing your sphere of influence while preserving your authenticity.

Modifying personal style doesn’t equate to relinquishing your identity or altering your beliefs. Embracing influencing with purpose entails understanding the footprints you leave on others’ minds and adapting your influence strategy to be conducive and empowering. It invites a shift in behavioural and attitudinal patterns whilst sustaining your individuality.

The key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority.Ken Blanchard

There are instances when our communication patterns become so ingrained that we overlook their reception by others. This is when influencing with purpose steers the ship, making us conscious of our communication approach and the impression it creates.

Echoing the words of influential author and management expert Ken Blanchard, “The key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority.” Therefore, in this evolving landscape of interaction dynamics, it is especially significant to advocate a model of influencing with purpose.

The Call to Influencing with Purpose

The journey to influencing with purpose begins with acknowledging the ripple effect of your words and actions. It drives you to become more adaptable to manifest your desired outcomes confidently and assertively.

Whether you’re interacting within a large team, a one-to-one encounter, or even virtually, the power of influencing with purpose extends to all domains. Harnessing systematic and purposeful use of both verbal and non-verbal communication channels can substantially augment the efficacy of your influence.

Be it the persuasion in your words, the resilience in your silence, the passion in your gestures, or the sincerity in your eyes – all facets contribute unanimously to the grand architecture of influencing with purpose.

Take a moment to introspect your influencing behaviour. Recognise the components that are rendering positive outcomes and amplify them. Nothing beats the power of conscious and purposeful influence – it not only motivates change in others, but also fosters personal growth and self-understanding.

Remember, each one of us is capped with an enormous potential to drive uplifting transformations in our surroundings. Don’t let it wash away under the influence of unconscious practices. Embody the principle of influencing with purpose, for when you do, you unlock a whole new horizon of impactful communication and effectively catalyse change.

Gear up for the exquisite journey to becoming the conscious influencer you’re meant to be. Add purpose to your influence and watch as you inspire positive changes around you, opening doors to success, productivity, and an enriching personal and professional life journey. Embrace influencing with purpose – your secret to significant and mindful changes.

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