5 Ways to Get Out of Your Own Way and Get Important Stuff Done

Are you struggling to get important stuff done? Do you find you are frittering away your days?

It sounds like a funny thing to ask, like something your grandmother might say, but think about it. When you become caught up in small, nonsensical tasks where you spend the day spinning your wheels, it could very well be said that you’re frittering. Is this something you really want to be doing?

Rather than wasting your time by doing what’s unnecessary, why not spend more time on a directed activity designed to help you realise your dreams? In short, wouldn’t you rather get important stuff done than doing… well… what you’ve been doing?

It’s time to get out of your own way and take charge of your life. Read on for some quick tips to find out how.

The Meaning of Everything

Too often, we put off tasks that seem pointless. After all, why should we be wasting our time? To combat this, do this one incredibly simple thing: remind yourself why you’re doing it. When you have a purpose, it’s easy to get important stuff done, even if the reason you’re doing it is something small and only meaningful to you.

get important stuff done

Focus on the Outcome

Now take things a step further. You know why you’re doing something. Now imagine what life will be like once this goal is accomplished. Hone in on the benefits, like how good it will feel to get important stuff done, or how life will be made simpler once this is finished.

Stop Comparisons

The entire world grinds to a halt when you start obsessing over what other people are doing instead of focusing on achieving your own goals. The sad truth is, that someone will always do it better than you.

Getting caught up in this game is only going to drive you crazy and keep you from getting your own important things done. A better choice? Compare where you are now with where you were a year ago or five years ago. Focus on your personal growth and accomplishments and make a new goal of beating the records set by the old you.

Drop the Perfectionism

Nothing derails you faster than getting caught up in making sure everything is ‘just right.’ For one thing, you’re never going to achieve perfection, so all you wind up doing is forever nitpicking at something without ever turning the work in. Sometimes you just have to tell yourself ‘good enough’ is ok and let it go so you can get important stuff done.

Reward Yourself

Sometimes it just feels good to have a little reward now and again. Keep a supply of small treats, such as a few minutes playing a favourite game on your phone or even a tiny candy you like for when you reach those important milestones.

You’ll be amazed at what a bump this gives to your productivity.

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