Day 1: Deciding What You Want

Welcome to Day 1 of the goal-setting challenge. Today I’m going to be asking what you REALLY want and talking about how to get there. Ready?

I’m going to say something that’s going to sound a little bit crazy: you can have WHATEVER you want.


You want to be wealthy? It can be done.

You want a healthier body? Sure.

You want to travel the world? No problem.

You can accomplish anything you want. This may sound like infomercial mumbo jumbo, but it’s not. It’s common sense, and it works like this:

  • decide what you REALLY want
  • determine how much you have to PAY to get that thing
  • then pay the price

You want to be wealthy? What will you have to pay in terms of hours of work, dedication, and focus?

You want to run a marathon? What will it cost you in terms of training, eating healthy, and dedication?

You want to travel? What will it require to make yourself location independent?

Once you’ve calculated those things, you simply begin paying down the cost of your goal.

Anyone can do this, and this will ALWAYS work.

The starting place is determining what you want and what it will cost to get there. Once you’ve done that, you’re well on your way to achieving your goal.

Call to Action:

Take out a piece of paper or open a blank document on your computer. Write down three things you really WANT. Think of things that would truly make a difference in your life.

For starters, pick things that are reasonable, like lose 20 pounds or save $X money. You need to get the feel for how this is going to work.

Once you’ve selected your goal/target/objective, calculate what it will cost to achieve it. Remember to include:

  • time
  • money
  • relational cost
  • health cost
  • diet cost
  • entertainment cost (what you may have to give up)
  • … and anything other costs you can think of

Once you’ve determined these things, you’re well on your way to achieving your goals. This is the first step in creating a plan that will guarantee you achieve those things.

Okay, now it’s time for you to get busy. Write down those desires and costs and let me know what you decide. Please share at least ONE of those things. Come on, don’t be shy!

And stay tuned for tomorrow because we’re going to be creating a fail-proof system for moving you forward on your goals every single day.

See you tomorrow!


  1. Stephen Fisher

    I want to Retire from my business in 3 years with enough money to have a comfortable existance
    Estimated Income of £4 to 5K per month for my retirement
    To be Fit & Healthy ( Loose 6 kg in weight)

    • Kevin Watson

      Thanks for sharing, Steve. I’d love to hear how the goal setting challenge helps you plot the right path to these.


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