The Benefits Of Coaching Made Simple

The Benefits Of Coaching Made Simple

Written By: Kevin Watson

11th April 2014

The benefits of coaching are not always easy to explain.

I’m often asked about the benefits of coaching, specifically from prospective clients who are new to it.

And, although there’s some research available showing a link between coaching and improved performance, I find most people form a view based on the stories they’ve heard as opposed to any hard facts.

These tales will often come from friends, colleagues or from their manager who has felt the benefits from his or her coaching.

So, I was pleased to find a piece of research from Manchester Inc.

Their survey based on 100 executives, mostly from Fortune 100 companies, concludes that the investment in coaching executives returned an average of almost six times the cost.

Now, that’s some rate of return!

Once seen as the last step for an executive about to fall off the ladder, leadership coaches now help smooth a promotion, teach outsiders about their new culture, and tune up talent.CNN Money

The main benefits of coaching for the organisation were:

  • delivering an average ROI of 5.7 times the initial investment
  • improving executive productivity (reported by 53% of executives)
  • retaining executives who received coaching (32%)

Whilst the benefits of coaching to the executive were:

  • direct report and supervisor relationship improvements (greater than 70%)
  • teamwork (67%)
  • working relationships with peers (63%)

This piece of research certainly supports the widely held belief that coaching works!

In one study, executive coaching at Booz Allen Hamilton returned $7.90 for every $1 the firm spent on coaching.MetrixGlobal LLC

Of course, most executives don’t read the latest coaching research. It may simply be enough for them to know that the most successful companies in the world provide their employees with coaching.

In reality, the impact of coaching is difficult to gauge when measures of success are not agreed upfront. So it’s important to consider, before even engaging an executive coach, what your objectives are and how you will recognise progress and success.

If you want to find out how coaching can work for you, or your team, then schedule a 15 minute, no-obligation call or drop me a line.

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  1. Jacques


    If you aren’t sure and want to use your own data maybe ‎Build a Values Map with your client and ask them which values they are not living and why? Coach to correct this first then move on and Build a Benefits Map: benefits can be both on the journey, individual stepping stones and at the end of it. Use the Values Map and the Benefits Map as you agenda and checkpoint before and after each session and you’ll both really feel the values and benefits being lived. 

    Much more tangible and relates to the ‘individual’ instantly as it’s their values, journey and purpose.  

    Good luck!  


    • Kevin Watson

      Thanks for your comment, Jacques. I like the idea of building a values & benefits map with the client.

      • Jacques

        Yup, it really resonates with the individual (the ‘why’ in all of us) and is so simple to use. Great self-keep for the client too. Share and the world grows stronger 🙂

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