3 Key Things to Remember as You Embrace the Journey

Every day is full of new challenges. How do you face these?

If you’re goal-oriented, you look for eventual success. You create a destination that solves the challenge, lays out the steps, and work to get there. This might seem successful at first glance, but it doesn’t take into account what we learn along the way or how the right mindset as you go impacts the outcome in the end.

Consider this: when you switch your mindset to think more about how you embrace the journey, we see the most genuine success. Let’s examine why through looking at three very key truths:

Life Changes Without Warning

You already know this. If you’re like most people, you’ve already had your fair share of last-minute disasters. Remember the vacation which was spoiled entirely by sickness? Or the sudden out-of-town guest who just showed up at the worst possible time? The problem with being goal-oriented is you’re very rarely prepared when the unexpected happens.

But if you’re someone who embraces the journey, your experience is going to be very different. By living in the moment, you’re more able to go with the flow. You know how to adapt and to adjust to interruption. You’re also more prepared to let go of the original goal and to set a new one. This sounds a lot calmer, doesn’t it?

It’s Easy to Miss Out

There is nothing sadder than lost opportunities and failed relationships. If you’re fixated on the future (which happens when goal-oriented), you aren’t present in the moment.

This means you might be hesitating when you discover a new opportunity, thinking you should finish the old challenge before starting anew. The problem? The new might not stick around long enough to come back to it.

But the worse aspect of goal-oriented behaviour is it becomes too easy to make sacrifices to get ahead. This usually translates to time lost with your significant other or your children. Can you live with this?

You Need to Know What’s Worthwhile

Here’s a hint, it’s not about your bank account. Of course, when you’re looking at the goal, you’re going to fixate on outcomes, keeping score in the only way which makes sense: in power or dollars and cents. When you embrace the journey, you understand mindfulness, the joy in every moment.

You know the best things are what you savour about every day. You enjoy the people around you and the new adventures. Life isn’t measured in your bank account but by your happiness.

Looking at these key truths, it’s no wonder it’s important not to lose yourself in the goal, especially when the journey gives you so much more.

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