Terms of business


All confidential / business information given by clients will be treated with the utmost confidentiality. Documents are kept under lock and key or password-protected when required, and representatives for My Own Coach are bound not to pass on any confidential information.


A proposal is always provided before starting a project, including a quote for the fee to be charged. These fees are normally quoted exclusive of taxes, travel, accommodation and any additional expense outside of scope. If the project specification changes significantly, the quoted price will be revised – up or down.

Invoices are normally sent out at the end of a project; for projects of more than one month, invoices are either sent out in advance of the project starting, at the end of each month or at phased stages, as agreed in advance.


My Own Coach employees and associates choose the most appropriate means of transport when travelling on client business and client policy will be taken into account as agreed.

Travel expenses are normally charged as follows:

  • Train: standard class;
  • Car: 45p per mile;
  • Where applicable, flights are to be arranged and paid by the client.

Significant telephone and courier expenses are recharged, as is the cost of producing manuals if this is significant – these are always agreed in advance.


Accommodation, including meals, will be charged at cost and may be required depending on location of work. Accommodation is generally required for the night before working away from the office and any intermediate nights. Prior to any commitment made, the associate will agree with the client who will be responsible for booking accommodation.


If a booked date is cancelled or postponed at short notice this gives us problems as it is often too late to schedule other work to fill the gap. Therefore, if a booking is cancelled or postponed with less than two weeks notice the full fee is still due.

For programmes over 2 months in duration, My Own Coach Limited reserves the right to charge the following cancellation fees, once the proposal has been accepted:

  • all outstanding invoices to be paid
  • work not yet invoiced, paid up to point of cancellation, upon submission
  • outstanding work within programme scope to be invoiced at 50%

We are, however, always prepared to use the booked days on other work in order to minimise the potential loss to the client.

These terms apply to all work carried out by My Own Coach Ltd, and automatically come in to force once approval is given to a project.

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