Why Leaders Need To Be Unconventional Thinkers

Jul 7, 2015 | Leadership Coaching

Kevin Watson

Kevin Watson

Director & Lead Coach

Leaders in organisations today need to be Unconventional Thinkers, possibly more than ever before.

In 1997, Apple ran a marketing campaign called “Here’s to the Crazy Ones“.

This now famous campaign describes perfectly what all organisations need today, to help disrupt the outdated management and leadership thinking that still exists.

I’ve never liked categories; I’ve never liked boxes; I’ve always tried to be unconventional as much as I possibly could.Gary Dourdan

Unconventional Thinkers are those who do not conform because they won’t.

Because they are “The Crazy Ones.

However, being an Unconventional Thinker is never easy.

Overcoming the obstacles put in the way by the conventional thinkers is hard, and acceptance only really comes from success.

Having taken the choice to walk away from a successful career and set up my own business in 2003, some may consider me to be an Unconventional Thinker.

I don’t know about that.

But I do know that I’ve always admired those people who step out of the norm and I aspire to walk alongside them one day.

To me, unconventional thinking is approaching a problem and asking, ‘Why not? Why can’t something be done?’ If someone can’t give me a good reason why you can’t do something, I find a way to do it.Eli Broad

You see, I believe that today’s organisations need leaders who are Unconventional Thinkers.

We all need them and we need them right now!

Leaders who are not willing to conform to the normal way of doing things and will help shape new ways of working fit for the 21st Century.

Leaders who are prepared to be “The Crazy Ones“.

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