Be A Great Boss, Provide Valuable Feedback!


by Kevin Watson



Do you provide valuable feedback to your team?

It can be tough, but when you manage to get the message across it helps to build a more cohesive and capable team.

As a leader, we have a responsibility toward the people we work with to support their development. After all, being in a team of highly skilled people helps us keep on top of our own game.

As Oprah Winfrey once said, “Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher.”

So, one of the best ways to support your team’s development and surround yourself with people who lift you higher is to provide valuable feedback on a regular basis.

But, hold on…what is meant by valuable feedback?

First, here is what it’s not.

Valuable feedback is NOT criticism, which has a negative connotation because it is so often generalised and personal.

To determine what valuable feedback is, here’s a useful definition:

“a targeted response to an individual’s action or behaviour that is intended to help them learn, delivered from a place of respect.”

When done well, valuable feedback invites the person receiving it to shed light, share his or her perspective and provide a response. It does not blame but instead aims for a collaborative approach to team development.

When you provide valuable feedback from this place of respect enables you to give honest, often tough, messages to those with whom you work. Instead of insulting or alienating those who receive the feedback, it motivates them to acknowledge a weaker skill or competency while still feeling supported.

Providing feedback in this way enables you to build the competency and cohesiveness of your team, while effectively managing performance issues.

It also enables you to remain respected, well-liked, and overall, to be considered a great boss!


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Kevin Watson

Kevin is a highly experienced Leadership Coach and acts as Consultant to several boards of global organisations, as well as local business owners. He is passionate about making a difference by enabling and encouraging leaders who want to create and sustain meaningful change in themselves and the organisation.



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