Leadership Roundtable: STOP for 90 Minutes and Disrupt your Thinking

Written By: Kevin Watson

7th September 2020

What is your biggest challenge in restructuring the business – deciding who to make redundant, actually making them redundant or dealing with the aftermath?

In this month’s Leadership Roundtable, we’ll be exploring the impact of restructuring decisions, implementation and aftermath on you as a leader.

It won’t be the first time you’ve heard the phrase “we’re in an unprecedented time”. Normality has been flipped on its head and the outlook is ambiguous, to say the least!

Adapting to new ways of working, reduced social connection and the need to respond to the market by restructuring our businesses are creating the perfect storm for a rapid increase in stress-related issues for leaders.

Forget all the noise, the expectations and advice from others, what do YOU need at this time? What do you need to mitigate this storm and support your people? What has worked for your peers and what hasn’t?

Join award-winning Leadership Coach, Kevin Watson, and Business Psychologist, Stephen Walker, for a solution-focused discussion on how to maintain your resilience and be at your best through this uncertain time.

If you haven’t experienced a Leadership Roundtable, it’s hard to describe the compelling sense of confidentiality and community that develops in 90 minutes to enable a virtual room full of senior leaders to share their thoughts and experiences to some of their most pressing issues.

Every leadership roundtable starts with a whitepaper or thought-challenge exercise and then evolves organically as we listen to each other.

Together, we’ll explore questions such as:

  • What are the challenges keeping you up at night?
  • How are you dealing with this prolonged change and uncertainty?
  • Whose oxygen mask are you putting on first?
  • In a perfect world, what do YOU need and want at this time?

What you can expect from a leadership roundtable:

  • Discover the personal and business challenges other leaders are facing and importantly, how they are meeting these – or not
  • An opportunity to share your experience and gain practical advice, insights, and proactive suggestions from your peers
  • Boost your knowledge with an inspirational 90-minute conversation that will shape your thinking around the issues that affect you

All profits from the Leadership Roundtable go to a charity close to its founders’ hearts. This month. our chosen charity is Macmillan Cancer Support.

Please note: attendance is limited to 16 seats, so you may want to reserve your place today so you don’t mis out.

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