Why Having A Business Vision Will Change Your Life


by Kevin Watson



Being clear on your business vision, the end game or destination, allows you to formulate plans to get to where you want to go.

Knowing the outcome you want to achieve can also help keep you on course:

“Does doing this really help move me towards my goal?”
“Or am I going off-course, do I need to rethink what I am doing?”

In life, you might consider all things as being created twice, first in your mind and then in the physical world. Practising this can mean the difference between letting your situation and circumstances determine your life and living by design, having visions and goals, and taking action towards them.

Take a moment to think ahead into your future and do some crystal ball gazing. Have you got a clear idea of what you want your business to be like in the future?

By planting those desired outcomes firmly in your mind, you become a lot more likely to recognise and take advantage of opportunities that support your goals and, over time, you’ll find that the business will steadily move closer and closer to what you want it to be.

In this way, getting what you want becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. But, to do this, it is critical that you have a clear and detailed vision of what you want your business to become. So here is a tip on how to build that all-important mental picture.

Ask yourself the question:

“If this business was a stunning success, what would it be like”.

If you are tempted to answer “It would make a lot of money”, dig a bit deeper. Look at the business from the perspective of all the different stakeholder groups, for example, customers, staff, management, suppliers, etc.

Write your answers down in as much detail as possible.

Use a piece of paper that you stick on the wall, where you will see it and add to it every day.

We are more in need of a vision or destination and a compass (a set of principles or directions) and less in need of a road map.Stephen Covey

This is your Business Vision – what you want your business to become. It is the reason for making all those sacrifices you make, the long-term payoff. So remind yourself every day of just where you are heading.

By doing this, you become a Strategic Thinker.

Your choices and decisions are not only expedient from an operational point of view. They also reflect your long-term strategic objectives.

As a result, the capability and capacity of your business increase steadily, turning your Business Vision into reality.


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Kevin is a highly experienced Leadership Coach and acts as Consultant to several boards of global organisations, as well as local business owners. He is passionate about making a difference by enabling and encouraging leaders who want to create and sustain meaningful change in themselves and the organisation.



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