Banish The Average, Let Them Be Exceptional!


by Kevin Watson



Truly great leaders know that to be exceptional they need to hire exceptional people – then get out of their way!

Successful businesses are based on having the very best people.

The same thing can be said for all of the top sports teams in the world. After all, if you have the very best players on your team, then you are more than likely to win the game!

It’s so obvious, eh?

Well, if it’s so obvious, why do organisations continue to seek out exceptional talent, then set rules, processes and structures in place that constrain them from showing off the very talents they were hired for?

Seems like the definition of madness, to me!

The competition to hire the best will increase in the years ahead. Companies that give extra flexibility to their employees will have the edge in this area.”Bill Gates

Instead, many managers seem to spend time replicating average, instead of encouraging special exceptions.

Are those managers afraid that they will be in competition with exceptional people?

That reminds me of this Timothy Gallwey story. Whilst delivering a seminar in front of an audience of tennis professionals, he wished to demonstrate the confusion between winning and competing, so he asked them:

“If I said I had a secret formula that meant you would win every game you played, would you take it?”

Of course, the hands shot up around the hall as each one moved closer to the stage, eager to discover Gallwey’s formula.

He leaned forward and put his hand to his mouth, as you do when you’re about to share a secret, and said in a hushed voice:

“Well…here it is…simply play someone who is much, much worse than you!”

Be different. Surround yourself with the very best talent.

Seek out the exceptional and then let them be exceptional by getting rid of any existing rules, processes and structures that restrict your exceptional people from being exceptional.

Go ahead…banish the average!


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About the Author

Kevin Watson

Kevin is a highly experienced Leadership Coach and acts as Consultant to several boards of global organisations, as well as local business owners. He is passionate about making a difference by enabling and encouraging leaders who want to create and sustain meaningful change in themselves and the organisation.



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